Welcome to Mr. Scary Guitars by George Lynch

George Lynch has always been associated with his incredible and unique style, both sonically and visually.  The guitars he’s played in his landmark career help define him and are instantly recognized.  Now, he’s bringing those stunning designs and craftsmanship to you.
“In the early years I would do Primitive modifications to my instruments in my Dad‘s garage.  Later on, I’d bolt together one-off builds for some of my guitar students.  8 years ago I started experimentally carving and painting my ESP guitars, which lead me to start Mr. Scary Guitars.”  


Mr. Scary Guitars is a full, custom guitar manufacturing company with EVERY guitar being designed and customized by Mr. Scary himself, George Lynch.  No two guitars are the same.  They are custom built by George for YOU, the owner.
The process starts with an email to our staff to determine what guitar you want to own. Starting with one of the Mr. Scary models like the Klondike or the Burnt Tiger, George will then work with you to determine what hardware, design, finish and options you want on your guitar. This is an opportunity to have access to George via email & phone as he crafts your instrument. When the guitar is done, you’ll have an heirloom instrument of the utmost custom quality.  To see some of the instruments George has created, click here.  To get started with our staff about building an instrument, click here.

Previous guitars George has built and sold

Spec guitars George is currently building that are for sale