One-off builds

Custom builds outside of the realm of the regular models we offer.

Evil Western Super V

This was one of the very first builds that George did for the Mr. Scary brand.  If you are the owner of this guitar, we would love additional photos!  Please email us at

The Mullet

The Fossil (variation of a HeadHunter)

Burnt Tiger Seven String (all of our guitars are available as a 7 string option)

Specs on this guitar coming soon!

The Shadow Nation guitar

This is a special one-off guitar built by George Lynch to celebrate the upcoming Shadow Nation movie.   Inlaid metal eagle claws, 12th fret Shadow Nation inlay and feather fret markers adorn this incredible instrument.

Sam Fischer’s Custom SnakeHunter

This guitar is tricked out with Titanium inserts, engraved brass block, stainless steel frets and hardware. Custom scatter wound Mr. Scary pickup w/alnico 8 mag and kiln-dried 100 year old wood dredged up from the Great Lakes!  This one is proudly owned by our friend Sam Fischer.

Custom BulletCaster

Details on this guitar coming soon!

Custom HeadHunter V

Details on this guitar coming soon!