The options available on your Mr. Scary guitar are endless. From custom-wound pickups by George Lynch to George's custom "gold tooth" tuners and saddles, your choice of headstock style, etc. Dream it up!

All of the Mr. Scary guitars are 100% custom instruments.   We can add any pickup, tremolo, hardware, etc. that you want.   Check out some of the more common options available below:

  • Banana headstock
  • Custom engraved brass tremolo blocks
  • Hooker headstock
  • Brass switchcraft jacks
  • Upgraded Floyd Rose tremolos
  • Branded headstock logo
  • Upgraded hard tail bridges
  • Custom inlay pieces
  • Custom fret inlays
  • Custom fretmarkers
  • Custom bone inlays and knobs
  • Custom metal knurled knobs
  • Locking tuners
  • Engraved neckplates
  • Gotoh tuners
  • Engraved pickup covers
  • All guitars are available as six or seven-string models