All of the Mr. Scary guitars are 100% custom instruments.   We can add any pickup, tremolo, hardware, etc. that you want.   During the build process, George will walk you through picking out your desired options.

Banana Headstock

Hooker Headstock

Branded Headstock Logo

Upgraded Floyd Rose Tremolos

Custom Engraved Brass Tremolo Blocks

Brass Switchcraft Jacks

Upgraded Hard Tail Bridges

Custom Fret Inlays

Stainless Steel Frets

Custom Inlay Pieces

Custom Bone Inlays and Knobs

Custom Metal Knurled Knobs

Locking Tuners

Engraved Neckplates

Gotoh Tuners

Engraved Pickup Covers

All guitars are available in six, seven, eight or 12 string models.

Limitless pickup options, including pickups made by George Lynch.