The Mr. Scary humbucker is a custom creation from the mind and ears of George Lynch. With all the HUGE characteristics of the classic Lynch tone, you can now own the amazing pickups that make Mr. Scary Guitars legends of tone in your own guitar!

Mr. Scary Pickups-Humbuckers

Updated 1/6/14:  Mr. Scary Pickups are available in the following configurations:

  • No Cover $144
  • No Cover Distressed $149
  • No Cover Zebra $149
  • Nickel Cover $149
  • Engraved Cover $169


Shown above-no cover, distressed with trem-spacing.

Shown above, Zebra no cover with standard spacing.


This bone crushing humbucker comes with a Bull Skull Engraved raw nickel cover and is powered by a super strong Alnico 8 magnet.  Tuned to George‚Äôs ultra discriminating ears, this pickup hits the amp hard but still has beautiful highs and sweetness without being harsh.

Every pickup comes in a cloth bag with a spec card signed by George Lynch.

Wound on an antique winding machine and using tuned Alnico Magnets, built around exclusive custom pole screws, precision milled parts and select grade steel for all the components. Every pickup is hand assembled with the precision care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Eachpickup is individually Serial Numbered and engraved with the Arcane Inc. andMr. Scary logo on the base plate.

Mr. Scary Humbucker pickup specs:

  • Alnico 8
  • 13k
  • F spaced
  • 4 conductor
  • Engraved Cover with a brushed nickel finish
  • Engraved base plate
  • Serial Numbered
  • Comes with hand-signed autographed card from George Lynch
    Black is hot
    Green and bare are ground
    Red and white are connected

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Mr. Scary Pickups



Black is hot
Green and bare are ground
Red and white are connected


Hi. I received my Mr. Scary pickup today serial #00008…just wanted to say thank you for offering these up for sale. The packaging and everything overall from ordering to getting the final product in hand was excellent. I know you probably hear a lot of complaints more than praise, so i just wanted to take a second to say thank you and let you know I really appreciate being able to purchase this pickup.

I’ve been a big fan of George’s since the 80s and this was a great experience.

Thank you,
Lance R.

Hi George…

I finally got around to installing the Mr Scary pup…it’s outstanding! I love it!

I just ordered another one!

Thank you again for making these available.

Lance R.

Just wanted to say that the pickup rocks.

I got my Mexi strat setup with the Mr. Scary pickup in the bridge and a Dimarzio Pro track in the neck. These just sing! Such a simple setup and they rock. I love it when you find a piece of gear that helps you play better. This guitar sounds like a million dollars.

-Matthew Short

I would just like to say that I have tried just about every Guitar pickup that is out there over the last 30 years and there is good one and bad ones ! some I put in my guitar and took out the same day. .After installing the new MR SCARY pickup I was amazed by the tone that came out of my small lil Marshall practice amp. I didn’t even put it thru my big live rig and I could tell a huge difference .More Lows but not muddy,crisp High’s but not thin ,and the Mids cut thru and rip your head off.I used the Screaming demon for a while but this is hotter and just is a huge improvement on my tone.Thank you George and Danica Lynch for the top notch treatment and the rock kin pickup!

Jimi Watts
Lead guitarist of MEMBER

Hi George…I finally got around to installing the pickup in my les paul and it sounds frickin amazing.   I love it and couldn’t be happier with the way my guitar sounds now!   Thanks so much for helping me out the way you did!!!   I’m stoked for that!

Brent Deacon