The HUNTER guitars are the flagship of the Mr. Scary guitars lineup. These are the best of the best. The Shark Hunter is adorned with hand-laid, real shark teeth and a highly-intricate custom center array featuring carved bone skulls.

The Shark Hunter comes standard with your choice of:

(NEW FOR 2016) No cost upgrade for a Roasted Maple neck.
Arcane George Lynch signature Mr. Scary humbucker and Desert Eagle single coil, Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Dokken-era Distortion humbucker, or your choice of any pickup on the market
Banana or Hooker headstock
Custom engraved brass tremolo blocks
Brass switchcraft jacks
Your choice of body tone woods
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard or your choice of fretboard woods
Upgraded Floyd Rose tremolo (titanium inserts, brass block, stainless steel hardware and tremolo bar with integrated allen wrench)
Branded headstock logo
Upgraded hard tail bridges
Custom inlay pieces
Stainless Steel or Nickel fret wire
Custom fret inlays
Custom fretmarkers
Custom bone inlays and knobs
Custom metal knurled knobs
Locking tuners
Engraved neckplates
Gotoh tuners
Engraved pickup covers
All guitars are available as six or seven-string models
Copper hardware
Brazilian fingerboard
Custom fingerboard inlays

Photo Gallery

sharkhunter_full_pro sharkhunter_front sharkhunter_back sharkhunter_full sharkhunter_bodyclose sharkhunter_bodyclose_side