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I received the Mr Scary Guitars, “Gunslinger” #2 today…..

Incredible! Before I get too far, let me just say that I am not one to write reviews or typically care to have my opinions known… But, in this case, I hope anyone who reads this, understands that there is more to commissioning a Mr Scary Guitar than merely getting to speak with George Lynch…. The build project is both interesting and informative. George discusses all aspects and options, prior to and during the process.

The MSG Gunslinger is made as well as any custom guitar I’ve ever owned or played. The fit and finish are spot on! The best part is that it’s unique….George changes things up on every build… The end result is a fantastic, hand built, one of one, instrument.
The guy making these guitars, puts his heart and soul into their construction & even though he’s Mr Scary….He’s still a Mr Nice guy, too.

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Thank you, G.  Your friend, Joe

“Very recently, I have become the proud owner of Mr Scary Guitars ‘Bones’ #86. To say this guitar is a masterpiece is something of an understatement.

I’ve owned many guitars over the 28 years I’ve been playing and while some of them have been good, there was always a little something about them that I never really got on with. There was a little niggle here or an ‘I’ll live with it’ there. Even on the ESP Kamikazes I’ve owned in the past, which I always used as the benchmark up to this point.

Being as this was a completely custom build, I pushed the boat out after a Skype discussion with George. Full maple body, maple neck and ebony fretboard for the woods, Arcane Mr. Scary pickup (these things have to be heard to be believed) with all the other upgraded parts that George fits as standard to this tier of guitar.

3 months later, an eagerly awaited parcel arrives and testing commences. The guitar absolutely sings like no other. Harmonics jump out with practically zero effort and the resonance and sustain are out of this world. The man knows how to put a guitar together and the look of the guitar with George’s special techniques for ‘distressing’ is amazing. I’m a guy who likes clean and crisp guitars so I was a little tentative when George first mentioned it but I had nothing to fear. The look fits the guitar perfectly and I wouldn’t change it for a second. It is true what they say that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

One thing that is worth noting if you’re considering one of these gems is that George is a busy guy. Ridiculously busy, I would have said. I work in a 24-hour business and even I get more downtime that he seems to! So updates can be somewhat sporadic over the first part of the build as he sources woods etc. in between playing in x number of bands and doing clinics, interviews and everything else. Not to mention a very reasonably sized family and you’ll understand why he can go quiet at times. Make no mistake though, once he gets rolling, you’ll see every stage of the build and if you’re lucky like me, you may even get a quick video of him putting it through its paces. Put all that together into a digital scrapbook and you’ve got something that you can cherish forever along with the guitar.

Long story short, if you’re a Dokken/Lynch Mob/George Lynch fan, you play guitar and you’ve got the cash, you owe it to yourself to seriously think about getting one of these guitars. You will get possibly the most unique experience in guitar ownership there is and who could pass up a chance to work, even in some small way, with the man himself?

I know I didn’t!”

Darren B from the U.K.

“Thank you George and Mr. Scary Guitars for an incredible experience. A life long dream really. For those of you who have thought about getting a custom made Mr. Scary guitar, I encourage you to do it. George is awesome to work with and truly will go out of his way to make your experience unique.”

Sam Fischer


“George…The Snakehunter is just a bloody masterpiece. In driving my girlfriend crazy shredding quietly through TV every night. Tone, bending, resonance… It’s just a a true work I art.  Thank you once again mate.”

Charles C.

“No longer can you get Enzo to hand build a Ferrari to your specs or commission Picasso to paint your portrait, but George Lynch will build your dream guitar. Being one of the reasons I picked up the guitar in the first place, it has been very cool to work with George on this beautiful work of art. George was readily available to discuss woods, necks, etc. and offered his wealth of knowledge and experience all throughout the process so that I could make the best decisions. When I sent him a crayon drawing (seriously) of what I wanted, he turned it into a living, breathing monster of a guitar.   As spectacular as it is to look at, this guitar is no wall hanger.”

“I never thought I would own a guitar that sounded so incredible. Between the Tone Ranger and Invisible Pumpkin pickups, I’m able to generate the tones I’ve always wanted. Not close replicas either, but the actual sounds that have been running through my head. The sustain on the ash body goes on for days and the maple neck is super fast. In my mind, my playing now sounds professional at times, even though my technique is amateur at best. There is some serious alchemy going on here.”

“I would recommend that everyone go out and buy one immediately, but that would just extend the build time when I’m ready for my second Mr. Scary Guitar. Thanks for your patience and magnificent craftsmanship George.”


“That’s Right Boys – I am the proud owner of Mr Scary Guitars Burnt Tiger #3 (the one you see pictured on this very website!!!). Not only is it an honor to own this guitar that George created, it is an extreme pleasure to play as well. Honestly, the craftsmanship &  George’s attention to detail is second to none.”

“The guitar unplugged resonates brilliantly & the maple neck is buttery smooth with flawless intonation & action (I swear, the neck seems as if it were pleck’d because of how perfectly it actually plays). It has a wide ‘D’ type shape to the neck & the finish on it is nothing I’ve experienced before (a satin-smooth feel).”

“The Mr Scary Pasadena Classic “Invisible Pumpkin” pickup is to die for…It is very expressive in nature and its early compressed response is mystical, lending to a well rounded-out growl and amp attack…If you roll off the volume, there are varying degrees of lush and crystal clarity to meet the demands of almost any song needed to be executed.”

“All components are top notch and hand-distressed to give the guitar a warm patina: 22 Dunlop 6100 frets (not distressed, fat and new) / Original Floyd Rose Tremolo with Locking Nut / Gotoh Tuners / Switchcraft Jack / Mr. Scary Neck Plate / Schaller Strap Locks. The guitar case is from George’s personal ‘road-worn’ Postal Monkeys collection (Decorated with a Japanese WWII Battle Flag, Samurai & Kanji silk-screened on it!!!) Furthermore, the hand-made Certificate of Authenticity is a statement of George’s integrity and commitment to excellence for his guitar company.”

“The Headstock and Ash Body are visually stunning, breathtaking and riff inspiring. All of the Tiger Stripe carvings made into the Ash Body are smooth, precise and rounded. Extreme care and diligence was utilized at every stage of cutting, staining and burning of the body, creating an ‘Alive and Breathing’ presence to the guitar. The guitar strapped onto my body, is refined and balanced allowing you to become ‘one’ with it.”

“I hope this review gives the fan and prospective purchaser of a Mr Scary Guitar the insight needed to make an informed choice in selecting one of George’s works of art. My Burnt Tiger is worth every dollar I spent on it and I am proud to be a part of the Mr Scary Guitar’s Family. Thank you George, for all of your creative efforts, stellar guitar work and countless performances you have made over the past several decades. You are truly an inspiration.”

Douglas L.

“Hi, I’m Gabriele from Italy.”

“I bought a Super Totally Upgraded Burnt Tiger from George, with an additional neck with the reverse banana headstock. She is the Burnt Tiger Number 4.”

“After some month, now I switch the neck to the non reverse banana headstock, to the banana headstock.”

“The Body is White Limba with no waist cut, and I wanted to have it quite dark. Wonderful.
Custom Wounded by George Seymour Duncan Distortion in Zebra Colours.
Upgraded Black Floyd Rose.
22 Frets Canadian (I think) Maple Neck, Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard. The reverse banana neck that I put on now is SUPER THICK, like I asked to George. A lot more thick of a 1958 Les Paul. GREAT. This neck also has on all of his lengthiness, a lot of vertical natural stripes! I’ve never seen nothing even similar before. IT’S FANTASTIC. Other then these things I ABSOLUTELY have to say that this Piece of Art of Guitar, SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN. She’s PERFECT. I really can’t describe how this Guitar makes feel you.
IT’S LIKE SHE’S ALIVE…Because She gives you SENSATIONS that I Never had before.”

“Thank you George for you patience and your PERFECT WORK on this LEFTY Guitar.”

“Keep on Rocking”

Gabriele Di Giusto

“Trying to find words to describe the moment when i open the guitar case for the first time will only diminish a truly magical moment.  It’s literally the best guitar I’ve ever heard. Everything about this guitar is custom to my wants and desire. As a true fan of george Lynch i personalized had full confidence which was one of the main reasons I choose to work with mr. scary guitars, – and george try hard on it. George was attentive to my requests and worked with me throughout the entire process to make sure that I was getting my dream guitar. Working with George was a true honor and if somebody want a true custom built guitar made by the man himself, look no further. I’ve been playing guitar now for 27 years and I owned many guitars, the Mr.Scary Sharkhunter is by far  the best sounding most playable guitar i’ve own. It’s truly a work of art! It was TOTALLY worth the wait and the money!”

Mario (germany)

“You may think that having an artist as prolific as George Lynch make a guitar for you may be impersonal due to his schedule, achievements and commitments.  Nothing could be further from the truth!   George Lynch and his assistant Tony are amazing engaging you as a customer.  Their customer service is secondary to none.  Often I would call Tony and be immediately connected to George.  No detail is too small for George Lynch to overlook and not discuss personally with you.  From nut width to wood selection to pick up tones; everything will be gone over.  I can honestly say when it was time for the finished product to be shipped to me I was even more excited than when I bought my first guitar.  When it arrived it simply took my breath away.  Not only was it an amazing piece of visual art but the tone and playability were like nothing I have had before!  Knowing how much George Lynch put into it I actually felt guilty from taking it away from him.  That is how much you will be involved in its creation.  It is an incredibly personal and unique instrument.  I cannot give a higher or more enthusiastic endorsement of Mr Scary guitars!!!  Order yours today, you will be very happy you did!”

“When you buy a Mr Scary guitar and your girlfriend of 4 years finds out about it be prepared to go to the jewelry store for an engagement ring right away!!!”
“No animals were hurt in the construction of this guitar!”

“African limba is actually dangerous to work with, that didn’t stop Mr Scary guitars.   Have a great day!”


“I got the geetar last night, it looks, play and sounds AMAZING!!!!!  I am loving, I got home from a long day in the office and still played it for almost 3 hours, it is WICKED cool.   Thanks a million!!!!   All the best”